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Replace Paulson with a US Air pilot

My friend, Vik Eldemir, suggests that we replace Treasury Secretary Paulson with the US Air Pilot who brought Cactus 1549 to a safe water landing in the Hudson. Then perhaps investors and homeowners might have a chance of surviving the crash. Without a doubt, the pilot of Flight 1549 demonstrated the qualities we need in … read more →

Shoes for President Bush?

Earlier today, President Bush received a Holiday gift from an Iraqi admirer — a pair of shoes tossed at him while he was standing on stage with Prime Minister al-Maliki. Such a gesture is of course a profound insult in Arab culture, but I’ll bet that more than a few Americans take a cue from … read more →

Move over Osama, meet the new terrorist super-star

The single most arresting image from last week’s Mumbai terror siege is the picture of a lone terrorist walking through Mumbai’s Chhatrapathi Sivaji Terminus. Clad in cargo pants and a t-shirt and carrying a pack, he looks like a college student or a tourist. The expression on his face is not the grim determination of … read more →

News no longer breaks — it Tweets

Today’s Mumbai terror crisis represents more than a new chapter in global terrorism — it is also opening a new chapter in global news. While CNN-IBN and other news outlets struggled to make sense of events, Twitter ran rings around their coverage, displaying tweets from citizens on the scene, which are flowing in at a … read more →

When our Sun novas, will you be part of the solution?

At a moment when “long term” for most people means worrying about next month’s mortgage payment, two Swiss scientists have published a proposed strategy for a rescue plan for how humankind could save not just itself, but also our entire planet when our sun turns into a Red giant 5 billion years from now. The … read more →