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Farewell to the touch-tone pad on your phone

The Touch-Tone pad will turn 50 in 2013, but I doubt the once-ubiquitous keypad will last long enough to blow out its candles because it is disappearing from our lives with breathtaking speed. Sure, keypads are still on the shrinking population of public pay phones, but when was the last time you used one of … read more →

The audacity of (unreal) hope

Real estate signs popping up in a wealthy San Mateo neighborhood, evidence of the crisis flooding into the most affluent of Silicon Valley neighborhoods. The audacity of hope? The victory of hope over expectation? Or just plain old desperation. This is the same area where in 2007 realtors were offering buyers a free lunch, and … read more →

Tonight’s Moon

A spectacular visual conjunction of the Moon and crescent Venus, barely 1 degree apart. The clouds obscured Venus but made for a beautiful moon seen through the gauze of the marine layer.  

More Iron on Troubled Waters…

Sometime between now and mid-March, the German research vessel Polarstern will head out into the southwest Atlantic with a load of iron sulfate that it will disperse into the southern ocean. the goal is to test the feasibility of sequestering carbon by triggering phytoplankton blooms with trace iron introduced into the surface layer. This despite … read more →

Phony compassion in the wealthy suburbs

Entering a local San Mateo supermarket this morning, I was greeted by a signboard in front that read, “To Our Patrons: Please, Discourage Pan Handling by donating to Organizations that provide assistance to those in need. For information see Store Manager.” The intent is obvious: help us shoo-off the unworthy hoping for a handout. The … read more →