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Save that old TV – there’s a message in the “snow”

Digital TV is wonderful, but there is one feature from the age of Analog TV that I will miss – snow. Yes, that warm white hiss that appeared whenever reception was bad, or a station went off the air. Back in the rabbit ear days before cable, snow was an irritating distraction or downright annoyance … read more →


I’ll Believe — when you can spell!

“Beleive?” The financial crisis is generating no end of shifty get-rich-quick schemes, even here in Silicon Valley. But one wonders whether the grifters behind this sign tacked to a telephone pole in Palo Alto really can’t spell, or if they were in such a rush to exploit the gullible that they didn’t have time to … read more →

Vicente Zambada

Be Afraid When Cops Wear Masks — and Crooks Don’t

There is something very strange about the picture below – the cops are hiding behind masks while the prisoner, Mexican Drug Lord Vicente Zambada, stands in calm defiance, showing his face to the cameras. As a forecaster, I look for “inversions” – events that turn the expected upside down – as powerful indicators that a … read more →


So, what do they do with paperbacks?

The recycling bin at our local waste disposal company. No bin for paperbacks anywhere in sight…  


Farewell to the touch-tone pad on your phone

The Touch-Tone pad will turn 50 in 2013, but I doubt the once-ubiquitous keypad will last long enough to blow out its candles because it is disappearing from our lives with breathtaking speed. Sure, keypads are still on the shrinking population of public pay phones, but when was the last time you used one of … read more →