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05.12.02015 Google is chasing us with cameras…
01.30.02012 The age of turbulence and the future of the global economy
01.29.02012 Journals and the hazards of custom software
01.01.02010 Only in Silicon Valley…
07.09.02009 Michael Jackson: Doomed to spend eternity on LA’s Freeways?
06.17.02009 Save that old TV – there’s a message in the “snow”
04.28.02009 I’ll Believe — when you can spell!
03.30.02009 Be Afraid When Cops Wear Masks — and Crooks Don’t
03.18.02009 So, what do they do with paperbacks?
03.17.02009 Farewell to the touch-tone pad on your phone
03.09.02009 The audacity of (unreal) hope
02.27.02009 Tonight’s Moon
02.03.02009 More Iron on Troubled Waters…
01.19.02009 Phony compassion in the wealthy suburbs
01.15.02009 Replace Paulson with a US Air pilot
12.14.02008 Shoes for President Bush?
11.28.02008 Move over Osama, meet the new terrorist super-star
11.26.02008 News no longer breaks — it Tweets
11.24.02008 When our Sun novas, will you be part of the solution?
11.04.02008 … so our children could fly
10.26.02008 My TARP trickle-down Twenties
10.10.02008 Stocks plunge, superstition soars!
09.29.02008 Outsourcing the bailout?
09.18.02008 Beware of PedTEXTrians!
09.09.02008 The World will end Wednesday (or maybe not)
08.07.02008 Please take only what you will eat…
07.26.02008 Strong Opinions weakly held
06.30.02008 Gas for *only* $5.45 per gallon…
06.28.02008 “Fire weather” is now a year-round event
04.17.02008 Will high-tech quake topple the Dollar?
04.17.02008 Obama’s cybergenic edge
04.14.02008 Smile! You’re on geo-camera!
03.26.02008 The zen of surveillence
03.07.02008 $4.56 a gallon gasoline!
02.24.02008 Elephant shrew reality stranger than fiction…
01.24.02008 Davos and Gates Foundation 2.0
01.08.02008 Embracing Uncertainty
11.06.02007 Move over, the robot’s driving
10.31.02007 Google and Gold race towards $850, a worrisome contradiction
10.04.02007 Sputnik and Me
09.30.02007 Climate change is here, but the real debate lies ahead
09.18.02007 Open houses and free lunches
09.12.02007 The Bay Area’s earthquake folly
09.10.02007 Judge Crater, Amelia Earhart, — and Steve Fossett
09.08.02007 All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace
09.06.02007 California after the Warming
09.02.02007 The little gentleman in the gray suit
09.02.02007 Remembering Paul MacCready, Master of Failure
08.31.02007 Hypergraphic house scribbler strikes again!
08.30.02007 Moleskine cover an heirloom in the making
08.28.02007 Intentional amnesia
08.27.02007 [ENTER] > =
07.05.02007 Six Rules for Effective Forecasting
07.03.02007 That # key is an octothorpe!
06.15.02007 Ronco, the Veg-o-matic and new media
06.01.02007 Elegant leather Moleskine cover
05.31.02007 Seoul’s calligraphy heaven
05.28.02007 China’s dust — Korea’s Yellow Peril
03.18.02007 Spaceship Singapore
03.12.02007 Digital information’s hidden curse
03.04.02007 Did a meteorite fall in San Mateo?
02.27.02007 Crazy? Yes, but this also is art!
02.19.02007 Retroprobrium and mutually assured embarrassment
02.17.02007 Robert Adler and the strange story of the TV remote
02.15.02007 Teens, diaries and mutually-assured embarrassment
01.27.02007 St. Nick and the $100 Laptop
01.26.02007 Food, fuel, ethics and the “tortilla tax”
01.25.02007 The mood at Davos
01.18.02007 Capitalism’s diverging future
01.07.02007 Remembering Ando, inventor of ramen
01.01.02007 Bush’s Grand Disarmament Gesture?
12.31.02006 Muddling our way towards happiness
12.16.02006 Morse Code – Dead Language, Bright Future
12.14.02006 Americans move from couch potato to mouse potato
12.12.02006 An unharmonic convergence
12.11.02006 Sprinter: The next hippie bus
12.10.02006 An Impeachment Wildcard?
12.09.02006 Another feathered Visitor
12.03.02006 TSA’s Passenger X-Ray Creepshow
11.27.02006 Fading, Reusable paper?
11.26.02006 A feathered night visitor
11.25.02006 Creative Piracy and the “Huge Mountain”
11.13.02006 Microsoft, spare me the music
10.28.02006 Lost (virtual) worlds — Second Life’s antecedents
10.22.02006 Why the iPod really Matters
10.14.02006 Yossi on what motivates us
10.09.02006 We are your older brothers
10.07.02006 Shooting the (Instant) Messenger
10.03.02006 In Bogotá’s Botero Museum
09.27.02006 Cyberspace and the three desires
09.26.02006 Lagom (“enough”)
09.18.02006 Is Los Angeles burning?
09.15.02006 The good news behind the Segway recall
09.14.02006 Let’s think Twice before calling ET
09.13.02006 Cyber-Nomads: a functional taxonomy of mobile users
09.12.02006 Forget 9/11 — this is a 9/12 world
09.11.02006 The Haunted Wood
09.10.02006 Of foxes and hedgehogs
09.07.02006 Straight grannies and gay marriage
09.05.02006 Ungovernable democracies?
09.04.02006 Wildcard: A revolution south of the border?
09.02.02006 Phony emergency brochures
09.01.02006 A satellite “beachball” antenna
08.31.02006 Endism goes mainstream
08.30.02006 “I have seen the future” (in 1939)
08.29.02006 New Orleans, global warming theme park
08.28.02006 Pessimism is the new black
08.22.02006 Yanking up the refugee welcome mat
08.21.02006 Find eternal life in cyberspace!
08.19.02006 Gas Lines?!?
08.18.02006 Expatriate Nation: after offshoring, a brain drain?
08.14.02006 Robots: will we become their pets — or their food…
08.12.02006 The U.S. – becoming a checkpoint nation
08.11.02006 You too can be a TSA Junior Screener!
08.10.02006 Van Allen and the SpaceBots
05.15.02006 Trading new walls for old
04.17.02006 Civilization exists by geologic consent…
04.03.02006 Arithmoiphilia: 01:02:03 04/05/06
04.01.02006 Snouters: a tragic evolutionary loss
03.19.02006 The missing link between slide rules and calculators
01.19.02006 What really makes humans happy
01.18.02006 Podsurfing and the future of music
01.16.02006 Religion and atheism are not opposites of each other
01.12.02006 Googling Turing’s god
01.09.02006 Measuring my continental drift
01.08.02006 A deadly message in Kilimanjaro’s snows
01.06.02006 Your Internet TV is watching back…
01.05.02006 Microcash and penny candy
01.04.02006 Punishing our machines
01.03.02006 A stratocracy in America’s future?
01.02.02006 Spanish: California’s once and future language
11.02.02005 The U.S. border: “Not in Service”
10.28.02005 Blogs are history’s scratchpad
10.27.02005 Better Without Batteries
10.23.02005 What we once carried in our pockets
10.14.02005 Measuring the bubble: A real estate unreality index
10.13.02005 Myrmidon war-bots on the march
09.30.02005 This nameless decade
09.29.02005 Hurricanes and Faith
09.28.02005 Illustrating a Journal
07.13.02005 On Keeping a Journal