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Author: psaffo

Trade Your Troubles For A Bubble!

As the interminable election season draws to a close, this 1946 vision from Amazing Stories Magazine of trading one’s troubles for life in an atomic-powered rolling bubble seems strangely appealing!

Robotic traffic jams are already here!

Earlier last week, I found myself stuck in an only-in-Silicon-Valley traffic jam.  In front of me was a Google geo-survey vehicle, and behind me was a Google robotic car.  And it was was hardly the weirdest traffic jam I have found myself in. A few months back, while taking a short cut past the Google … read more →

Remembering Al Toffler

The future is going to be just a bit more lonely knowing that Al Toffler isn’t with us to tell us what lies ahead.  Here is a memory of a young Al decades ago, right after Future Shock was published.

The age of turbulence and the future of the global economy

The 2008 crash was more than the start of a recession; it represented the end of the “Great Moderation,” a two-decade period of low business cycle volatility, moderate inflation, moderate unemployment, and steady industrial production. The Great Moderation lulled some to speculate that perhaps we had moved beyond business cycles entirely.  As Nobel laureate Robert … read more →