Google is chasing us with cameras…

As if it isn’t enough to be shadowed by Google on the web, now they are chasing after us in Streetview vehicles!

The age of turbulence and the future of the global economy

The 2008 crash was more than the start of a recession; it represented the end of the “Great Moderation,” a two-decade period of low business cycle volatility, moderate inflation, moderate unemployment, and steady industrial production. The Great Moderation lulled some to speculate that perhaps we had moved beyond business cycles entirely.  As Nobel laureate Robert … read more →

Journals and the hazards of custom software

There is a large gap in this journal. The cause is a wrinkle I never have with my paper journal — software.  Back when I began this journal in 2005, I had a particular format in mind, a format not supported by the blogging software available back then.  So I built my own journaling tool. … read more →


Only in Silicon Valley…

It is new Year’s eve. I step out of the market in downtown San Mateo with a few last-minute items and a passing shadow causes me to stop and look up. Several hundred feet above me, a 250 foot long zeppelin is passing directly overhead. Imagine an A380, puffed up like a football passing silently … read more →

Michael Jackson: Doomed to spend eternity on LA’s Freeways?

I hope that Michael Jackson will find the peace that so eluded him in life, but so far his mortal remains have spent more time commuting on Southern California’s freeways than communing in the afterlife. Yesterday he fought heavy traffic to travel from a morning family meeting at Forest Lawn to a mid-day gathering with … read more →